##Leadership & Management Courses
1Motivational Leadership Skills Development (2days)
2Building Effective Leadership & Followership Skills (2days)
3Improving Managerial Skills & Capability (2days)
4Team Building for High Performance (2days)
5Supervisory Management Skills Development (2days)
6Problem Solving & Decision Making Process
7Managing Diversity in the Workplace (2days)
8Conflicts & Crisis Management in the Workplace (2days)
9Managing People for Strategic Result (2days)
10Succeeding in New Managerial Positions (2days)
11Delegation & Control Skills Development (2days)
12Behavior & Culture Modification Management (2days)
13Coaching, Mentoring & Counseling Skills Development (2days)
14Entrepreneurial Skills Development(Pre-Retirement Course) (3days)
15Enhancing Emotional Intelligence Program (2days)
16Developing Creativity & Innovation Skills (2days)
##Finance & Accounting Courses
1Basic Finance & Accounting Skills Development (2days)
2Finance for Non- Finance Managers/Officers (2days)
3Credit Analysis & Management Capability (2days)
4Cost Management & Profitability Improvement (2days)
5Understanding & Managing Basic Tax Matters (2days)
6Credit Risk Management & Debt Recovery (2days)
##Communication & Ppersonal Development Courses
1Developing Successful Presentation Skills (2days)
2Effective Interpersonal Skills Enhancement (2days)
3Business Communication for Mgrs /Officers (2days)
4Skills for Business & Group Presentations (2days)
5Personal Career Development Program (2days)
6Work Attitude & Ethics in the Workplace (2days)
7Time Management & Personal Effectiveness (2days)
8Management & Business Skills for Executive Secretaries/PAs (2days)
##Safety, Health & Security Courses
1Improved Awareness & Defensive Driving Techniques (2days)
2Safety, Health & Environment (HSE) Management Workshop (2days)
3Food Hygiene, Catering & Industrial Safety Program (2days)
4Modern Safety Techniques, Accidents & Fire Prevention (2days)
5Dynamics of Security/Receptionist Function in a Model Office (2days)
6Security Skills Development Program (2days)
##Corporate Strategy & Operations Courses
1Strategic Business Management Development (2days)
2Dynamics & Fundamentals of Facilities Management (2days)
3Quality Management Systems Program (2days)
4Project Management Capability (2days)
5Document & Records Management Development (2days)
6Process Improvement Management (2days)
7Improving Inventory & Materials Management (2days)
8Strategic Warehousing & Store Management (2days)
##Human Capital Management Programs
1Key Issues in the Management of HR (2days)
2Workplace & Industrial Relations Workshop (2days)
3Manpower Development & Planning (2days)
4Process Level HR Management (2days)
5Appraisals/Reward Management for Sustainable Results (2days)
6Job Discription & Evaluation Workshop (2days)
7Building & Implementing Balanced Scorecard (2days)
8Train-the Trainer Workshop (2days)
9Learning & Devt Strategies for Human Capital Devt (2days)
10HR for Non HR Managers/Officers (2days)
##Marketing/Sales & Customer Relations Courses
1Field Sales Management (2days)
2Finding & Winning New Sales/Business (2days)
3Marketing Appreciation Skills Development (2days)
4Frontline Customer Service Skills Development (2days)
5Product & Brand Management Course (2days)
6Strategic Customer Service Management (2days)
7Understanding What Makes the Customer Tick (2days)
8Selling Skills & Clients Relationship Mnanagement (2days)
9Key Accounts Management Development (2days)
10Sales & Distribution Management Program (2days)
##Production & Technical Courses
1Troubleshooting & Preventive Maintenance Course (2days)
2Productiivity Improvement/Enhancement Course (2days)
3Optimal Toolkit for Production/Technical Workers (2days)
4Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Program (2days)
5Production Operations Mgt. & Industrial Safety Program (2days)
6Maintenance Management & plant Protection (2days)