Good communication habits have changed countless lives all over the world. Everyone stands to benefit from effective communication skills. "Truly, the meaning of your communication is the response you get".

This program is designed to enhance and broaden participants' communication skills

 Business communication and use of English in business communication, business vocabulary.
 Communication and involvement, the critical skills, communication process, barriers to communication,
 Effective presentation and use of training aids.
 Influencing skills
 Know yourself exercise- Dr. Phil's test
 How to make a business letter, writer's block, how to talk on paper
 Quick checks! Using words effectively, hints for successful writing
 Business Ethics
 Some basic guide to effective communication

Duration& Dates: 2 days; See program guide for dates

For whom:
Managers/Officers across functions.

Fee: N85,000 per person.
NB: Available as open or in-plant