Today's corporate sector challenges demand strategic, responsible, ethical and effective leadership/followership strategy. As a fact of organizational life; be it corporate or public, effective leadership, followership and team working go hand-in-hand in achieving success

The course is designed to enhance participant's capacity in dealing with leadership and followership situations, be it at work or outside the workplace through an understanding of the paradox of leadership and appreciation of effective followership skill development

 Organizational culture & behavior
 H u m a n b e h a v i o r , personality/diversity
 Leadership concept & principles; the modern leadership, character & styles
 Influencing & persuasive skills
 Followership skill development – getting along with boss/supervisor
 Communication concepts/ involvement
 Effective delegation strategy
 Interpersonal relationship & assertiveness skills development
 Team building & conflict management

Duration & Dates: 2days; See program guide for dates

For whom:
Managers - Senior & Middle Managers especially.

Fee: N85,000 per person
NB: Available as open or in-plant