Behavior and culture modification is very important in an organization, as many employees' attitudes are incongruent with the organizational goals. Incidentally, many organizations engage large numbers of persons from different background in their employ. It is pertinent for companies to create a way for employees to identify and differentiate personal goals from organizational goals as ignorance will continue to bring rancor.

This program is designed to enhance and align employees' attitudes with the developmental, commercial and financial objectives of the organization.

 Mindsets, Attitude & Behavior
 Influences & determinants of behavior
 Corporate direction & enabling behavior; Self Analysis
 Gap analysis & priorities
 Intervention strategies & techniques
 Barriers to successful modification e
 Individual & organizational responsibilities in behavior modification
 Continuous self renewal

Duration & Dates: 2 days; See program guide for dates

For Whom:
All new employees at induction especially Junior Staff and Supervisors

Fee: N85,000 per person.
NB: Available as open or in-plant